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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Community Partner,

Over the last couple of weeks, our entire community has undergone rapid changes in how we manage our lives and interact with one another. Last week, The Center for Healthy Families quickly moved to institute measures to keep our associates and families that we are entrusted to serve safe. We are here to ensure that expectant young moms, young parents and their children are continually supported and have their concerns addressed. We have taken every opportunity to work closely with our public health officials (local and state) and partner OhioHealth as they provide much needed guidance to manage the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to prevent the spread of disease, The Center has moved to providing alternative (Telehealth) visits. Young families that we serve, participate in telehealth with the exception of those families that need to be seen at our Teen and Baby Clinic at OhioHealth – Riverside Hospital.  Our team is on the front line.  They follow all safety protocols to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene when managing families in crisis. The team is not only practicing those safety protocols, they are also teaching our young families how to implement the steps necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As you are now aware, Governor Mike DeWine issued his long-awaited “Ohio-Stay-at-Home” order. I ask that you please pay close attention to what our governor and public health officials request of us, individually and collectively to flatten the curve.  Please take a moment to become familiar with the order and learn more about stopping the spread of COVID-19.

At The Center we know that change starts with one person. 
A person who see things a little differently. A little more clearly. 
A person who looks at the puzzle pieces and sees how they can fit together seamlessly. Then that person enlists another. And another. And another. And they set to work.
That’s how a movement begins. That’s how a community flourishes.  

Let’s all do our part to flatten the curve. 

Stay Healthy and God Bless,




Toshia Safford
President and Chief Executive Officer


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