Bridge Builders Past Honorees


Bridge Builders Honorees 

Dr. Arthur R. James
William B. (Bill) Conner, Jr.
Donna James

Stephen S. Rasmussen
Columbus Gay
Men’s Chorus
Andy Andrews

Dr. Steven & Patricia Gabbe
Victoria Rowell

Michael Morris
David Brown,
Harmony Project

Bridge Builders 2016

We were pleased to recognize the following as recipients of the 2016 Bridge Builders Award.


2016 Bridge Builders Honorees


Dr. Arthur R. James has built healing partnerships, not only with women and families, but with whole communities, in the belief that the sources of poor pregnancy outcomes arise in the community, and thus require community-based interventions. Dr. James is an OBGYN and serves on the faculty of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is co-director of the Ohio Better Birth Outcomes, co-chair of the Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality, and senior policy advisor in the Bureau of Child and Family Services of the Ohio Department of Health. Dr. James has dedicated his career and life’s work to services for underserved women and is nationally recognized for his work in reducing infant mortality.


William B. (Bill) Conner, Jr. is known as Columbus’ arts impresario. Bill Conner is president and CEO of Columbus Association of Performing Arts. Mr. Conner is deeply committed to educating diverse audiences, while enriching, transforming and strengthening our community through world-class performances. Through his work with CAPA, he has positioned Columbus to be the envy of larger, as well as smaller, cities. Under his leadership, CAPA has developed new business models and maximized economies of scale to assist resident arts organizations and groups thrive. Bill is creating the engine for the arts community that will stabilize it and help move it forward. Mr. Conner is also dedicated to ensuring that our historic theatres, including the Lincoln Theatre, remain viable.

Live Conversation with community advocate and corporate director Donna James


Live Conversation


Donna James …one person causing a positive change that echoes throughout the community. It takes courage to stand up and give voice to a new idea. Donna James has developed a national reputation for her business savvy and performance at the highest corporate levels. A “force for good,” she advocates for the well-being of women and girls and those most disenfranchised. Donna’s personal tenets of dignity and respect make her an unforgettably authentic leader in the community, as well as the boardroom. Focused on transformation, strength, and resiliency, her story of inspiration resonates with diverse audiences, allowing them to move forward and build bridges to a better life.

Bridge Builders 2014

Stephen S. Rasmussen,
& the Nationwide Foundation


Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus


National Honoree,
Andy Andrews


Bridge Builders 2012

Dr. Steven & Patricia Gabbe


National Honoree,
Victoria Rowell


Bridge Builders 2010

Michael Morris,
American Electric Power


David Brown,
Harmony Project


National Honoree,