Resource Advocate (Social Worker)

Columbus, OH 43215

Job Description
The Center for Healthy Families is an innovative not-for-profit organization located in Columbus, Ohio for the purpose of engaging pregnant and parenting teens and their children in opportunities to acquire self-sufficiency capabilities of health and well-being, positive networks, education, and employment through a coordinated network of highly effective community services.

Available immediately is an exempt, salaried position to directly provide Individual service coordination, Advocacy, Coaching and Group services to pregnant and parenting teenagers aged 13-19 years old in Franklin County, Ohio.

Job Title:Social Worker (Resource Advocate)

Program:Healthy Families Connections

Reports to:Healthy Families Connections Director of Programs

Position purpose:Achieve expected pregnant and parenting teen matriculation through a coordinated network of community services delivered by partnering organizations publicly known as Healthy Families Connections and other necessary organizations.

Primary Responsibilities:

– Empower pregnant and parenting teens to achieve expected outcomes of the Healthy Families Connections program

– Identify and coordinate appropriate services, deliver advocacy, coaching and group services to individuals or groups of individuals who are enrolled in Healthy Families Connections

– Be knowledgeable of the programs and services of The Center for Healthy Families and resources it makes available to pregnant and parenting teens

– Develop an Individual Goal Plan (IGP) responsive to the needs of enrolled teens, including appropriate referrals to services delivered by partnering organizations and other community agencies (when deemed necessary)

– Monitor the program participants progress on the 6 outcome areas through the IGP review process to include: the monitoring of the participants goals and monthly task list to measure the participants accountability towards self sufficiency

– Identify and/or develop and maintain a current list of community resources available to teens and their families through Healthy Families Connections to be utilized while in HFC, including crisis situation

– Assist enrolled teens and their families in managing crisis situations, advocating and coaching as required

– Maintain communication with both partner and non partner organizations providing services to participants to monitor progress and ensure appropriate service delivery that contributes to achievement of goals

– Proactively assist enrolled teens to successfully matriculate through planned services, advocating and coaching as required

Manage and operate an administrative process and tool that tracks entrants into and through Healthy Families Connections.

– Understand and enforce appropriate privacy, security, and privilege restrictions when accessing and sharing data

– Track complete and relevant client and service data

– Produce reports

– Participate in ongoing evaluation of HFC program to maximize effectiveness and impact

Develop and maintain effective working relationships between The Center for Healthy Families and partnering organizations, area social service agencies, and other select entities within the Franklin County community.

– Seek input, advice, and feedback from partnering organizations to assist in performing position responsibilities

– Serve as a liaison to assigned committees of The Center for Healthy Families

– Provide administrative support to assigned committees of The Center for Healthy Families

Perform other duties as assigned

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Directly serving clients or consumers, both conducting assessments: 3 years
  • Working with Youth

Required license or certification:

  • LSW, PC, MFT

Please submit salary requirements & salary history via a cover letter. All resumes received with no license, or experience or cover letter will be rejected.

The Center for Healthy Families’ policy is to recruit, hire, and promote job applicants or employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, genetic information, or any other class of persons protected by applicable law. Decisions on employment and promotion are based solely upon an individual’s qualifications, with reference to the skills and abilities required of the position for which the individual is being considered.

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