Program Director

Columbus, OH 43215

The Center for Healthy Families is an innovative not-for-profit organization located in Columbus, Ohio for the purpose of engaging pregnant and parenting teens and their children in opportunities to acquire self-sufficiency capabilities of health and well-being, positive networks, education, and employment through a coordinated network of highly effective community services. For more information see

Available immediately is an exempt, full-time salaried

Job Title: Program Director

Reports to: President & CEO FLSA Status: Exempt

Overview: The Program Director develops, leads and manages all aspects of the Healthy Families Connection (HFC) programming and related service delivery.

Primary Responsibilities

Program Functions (projected as 60% time)

Develop, implement and manage programming and delivery of related services of to continuously improve service effectiveness and efficiency, to achieve the Board-approved goals and client outcomes, and to realize the mission of the organization.

  • Plan and schedule service delivery, analyzing and deciding what happens when, prioritizing, setting objectives, aligning with budget.
  • Monitor expenditures and income in relation to budget, and ensure fiscal integrity of program.
  • Organize service delivery into activities manageable by assigned personnel.
  • Design processes and practices and structures to integrate service delivery, measure progress, and integrate functions to control deviation between plans and actuals.
  • Implement approved plans to evaluate customer satisfaction, service quality and effectiveness.
  • Ensure that equipment, materials, supplies, and other resources necessary to deliver planned services are accessible to assigned personnel when needed.
  • Assist President & CEO to forecast service planning and development.
  • Assist President & CEO to inform and negotiate with current or prospective service delivery partners and funders.
  • Oversee the collection, maintenance and analysis of client data basestatistics and other program data to determine outcomes, identify trends, and assess the need for revision of existing programming and creation of new/additional programming.
  • Manage the administrative aspects of programming and service delivery, including insuring that the organization operates in compliance with all laws and rules pertaining to counseling and reporting/handling of any and all client incidents in a legally responsible way.
  • Deliver individual and group services either on a small scale, interim or back-up basis, or for short-term training of program staff.

Supervisory Functions (projected as 15% time)

Participate in recruitment and selection of all program staff. Supervise all program staff, including full and part-time employees, fee-for-service staff, academic interns, and volunteer personnel who help promote and deliver organization-sponsored services.

  • Orient, train, motivate, delegate to, and evaluate performance of all program employees (with at least one mid-year review and one annual, formal evaluation).
  • Regularly inform, advise and consult with the President & CEO regarding program/service delivery requirements and outcomes, and of any significant staff and/or client issues or incidents.
  • Arrange for and supervise volunteers and college/university interns, when approved by the President & CEO.
  • Regularly communicate with all program staff and facilitate frequent program staff meetings.
  • Plan and utilize professional development opportunities to the mutual benefit of own career and the organization, and serve as a role model and advisor to program staff regarding their professional development.

Representation Functions (projected as 15% time)

Represent programs and services to external audiences, contributing to building an accurate and positive image of the organization and its services. Participate with or in place of the President & CEO to represent the organization.

  • Establish and maintain a positive working relationship and service partnership with the Service Managers of the Healthy Families Connection (HFC) collaborative. Program Committee of the Board.
  • Work in partnership with appointed others to direct, deploy, and support the work of the HFC Service Managers.
  • Publicly represent the program in the community for client outreach and engagement, serving as spokesperson to the public media, as appropriate.
  • Assume assigned roles within community groups and organizations, community activities and events.
  • Assist other Directors and the President & CEO in community engagement and fund development tasks.

Administration Functions (projected as 10% time)

Prepare and submit forms and other information in either hard copy or digital formats as requested, required for purposes of organizational management, to support the provision of resources, and to comply with laws, regulations, and administrative policies.

Position Requirements

  • Licensed in the State of Ohio as a Social Worker.
  • Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree.
  • At least two years post degree experience in social work.
  • At least two years of supervisory, managerial and program development experience, preferred.
  • Non-profit experience and work in a small organization preferred.
  • Experience working under a government-grant funded program helpful.
  • Experience working with or some knowledge of a variety of community human service organizations/resources.
  • Direct experience in at least one, and knowledge and understanding of all of the following areas of expertise: working with teens; teen pregnancy; evidence-based clinical practice; organizational collaboration.

Compensation: Competitive salary and fringe benefits.

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