Butterfly Effect Network

“Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.” 

– Andy Andrews

Butterfly Effect Network

Creating meaningful connections beyond the Center’s mission.

Group Mentoring & Virtual Network

The Center has launched the Butterfly Effect Network, a group mentorship program and virtual system of resources.

We are in need of central Ohio professionals to serve as role models to local teens ages 13 to 19 who want to work towards self-sufficiency. Mentees do not have to be teen parents to join The Butterfly Effect Network.

The group will meet monthly or bi-monthly and participate in topic-based sessions such as CPR certification, resume-writing, or personal finances 101. This group setting will allow one-on-one mentor relationships to develop naturally in a comfortable environment.

A second component to the Butterfly Effect is the Virtual Network. This email-based support system will help the Center crowd source time, talent, resources or funds for its participants, pregnant and parenting teens, who are in urgent need of an opportunity or item to reach self-sufficiency. Emails may ask for help to find a job for a teen mom so they don’t lose their spot in daycare, or request funds for a teen parent to help them cover the cost of college application fees.

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Volunteer Roles: 
Mentors and Virtual Network supporters

Volunteers may be a part of the Virtual Network without participating in the group mentoring program.

For More Information Contact:
Call us at 614.884.4200

The Flight

The Flight is a group of volunteers who have made a multi-year commitment to support the Center for Healthy Families by making financial and volunteer investments to support pregnant and parenting teens and their families.

Veronica Bennu
Rochane Fox
Greg Gorospe & Kelley Griesmer
Donna James

Florence Lathen
Janis Mitchell
Kelly Platte

Toshia Safford
Renée Shumate
Evelyn Sullen Smith

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